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Statement of Intent 2014-2019

Outcomes for Māori are Improved

What would success look like?

Public sector agencies are successfully partnering with Māori and iwi on ideas and actions to support economic development. Service delivery to Māori is delivering better outcomes, particularly with regard to education.

Medium-term success:

  • There is evidence of sustained growth in the Māori economy (as measured by the value, return on and productivity of Māori-owned assets; participation in export markets; and Māori employment).
  • There is accelerated and sustained improvement in Māori education achievement (measured through Better Public Services targets).
  • Mechanisms for recognising iwi rights and interests in natural resources are well integrated into regulatory frameworks for managing natural resources.
  • Historical Treaty of Waitangi claims are settled and government and iwi are focused on strengthening economic and social outcomes.

Specific 2014/15 objectives:

  • There is a stronger evidence base on, and understanding of, the Māori economy and its potential, and how government could contribute to growth.
  • Economic and social agencies and working together and with iwi and other Māori organisations on ideas and approaches to improving living standards and the New Zealand economy.
  • Public sector agencies are collaborating with each other and with Māori on opportunities to improve delivery of education services for Māori and Māori education outcomes.
  • There is continued effective engagement with iwi on natural resource management regulation and mechanisms for recognising Māori rights and interests in natural resources.
  • Historical Treaty of Waitangi settlements are fair, durable and affordable.
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