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The Treasury Statement of Intent 2012-17

Valuing diversity (Equal Employment Opportunities)

We want the Treasury to be respected for the relevance and value of what we say. To achieve this, our thinking and actions need to be informed by a diverse range of views. We need to understand different perspectives, constantly look for new insights and recalibrate our views in light of new evidence. A Treasury that fosters "diversity of thinking" is fundamental to its success. It enhances the credibility, value and relevance of our work and advice.

In addition to focusing on diversity of thinking more broadly, we have decided to focus on two important areas for the next year where we believe improvements are necessary:

  • Ethnic diversity: The significant majority culture is currently Pakeha and does not reflect the broader society that we serve. In particular we want to bring a greater Māori perspective to our advice.
  • The proportion of women in senior leadership roles: this is currently low. Progress has been made in recent years through a deliberate approach to creating pathways and flexibility (eg, team leader roles, part-time managers), but barriers to diversity still exist in recruitment practices that can unintentionally bias against women.
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