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Statement of Intent 2010-15 - The Treasury

Enabling and Supporting a High-performing Treasury

Maintaining our organisational health and capability

The Treasury's aim over the next five years is to lift its performance to a significantly higher level and so maximise progress towards its three outcomes. As our baseline reduces over coming years, we also need to produce ongoing efficiencies.

We will know we are succeeding when:

  1. The Treasury delivers its full potential as economic and financial advisor to the Government:
  • Ministers look to us to help open up debate with other Ministers and stakeholders on difficult issues that have the greatest impact on our outcomes.
  • Our advice to Ministers (1) is analytically sound, (2) takes into account a range of views, (3) considers the impact and implications of our advice for a range of stakeholders and (4) deals with practical implementation issues.
  1. The Treasury is an exemplar of a well-run public sector agency because:
  • we have a clear strategy for achieving optimal impact on outcomes and follow through with action
  • our people have the right mix of skills and experience
  • we manage rising cost pressures within baselines
  • we have a workplace culture that supports accountability, influence and working together as “one Treasury” to deliver better results
  • leaders and managers have the right information and advice to make informed decisions, and
  • our corporate service functions provide levels of advice, service and support, in an efficient and effective manner.

Supporting strategic leadership and governance

Strategic leadership and governance plays a key role in determining what we need to do to maximise the impact on our outcomes. Our aim over the next five years is that the Treasury's leadership:

  • focuses at a strategic level, and leads the organisation to best maximise its influence and impact on our outcomes
  • makes decisions about policy, operational and organisational issues on the basis of robust and complete information
  • models the behaviours associated with our desired workplace culture, and
  • empowers staff to focus on their areas of responsibility.

How will we demonstrate success in achieving this?

  • We identify financial implications and capital needs well in advance so that the resulting decisions are reflected in the Treasury’s own Baseline Alignment Proposals.
  • Our accountability documents are of a high standard, receiving positive feedback from the Minister of Finance and our auditors.
  • The Treasury addresses any issues that are raised through the Performance Improvement Framework evaluation in 2010/11.
  • We continue to develop and implement a five-year strategy that assists in identifying the financial risks and capabilities of the Treasury, and ensures that these are addressed as part of any strategic planning and resource allocation decisions.

Acquiring, developing and engaging the people we need

Last year, we reviewed the Treasury's leadership model, behaviours and culture, which resulted in substantial changes to the Treasury's leadership team. We have reshaped our leadership to position ourselves to deliver more effectively on our core goals.

This year, the Treasury's focus is on ensuring we have the capability within the new structure, throughout all levels of the organisation, to achieve our results over the next five years. We will implement plans to attract, recruit, deploy, develop, engage and reward people in a way that supports the delivery of the Treasury's results. This will include developing a leadership model with clearly articulated behaviours that drive change, providing managers with the information they need to manage supporting our leadership team in the implementation of a capability plan and a new remuneration and reward framework.

The Treasury will continue to review practices with an Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) perspective to continue to support the EEO policy for the public service, Equality and Diversity, which took effect in April 2008[1].

How will we demonstrate success in achieving this?

We will actively monitor our progress with regular reviews throughout the year and adjust our strategy and approach in response. Specific milestones will include a follow-up staff engagement survey to the 2009 Gallup Engagement Survey, targeting a shift from the 62nd percentile (NZ Government) to above the 65th. We will also establish a benchmark of leadership behaviour across the organisation and review this annually.

Supporting the Treasury's teams to achieve their results

Our people and teams need a range of corporate support services (including legal, communications, human resources, finance, accommodation, information technology, publishing and administrative support) in order to operate effectively and achieve their results.

Our aim over the next five years is to:

  • optimise the price, quantity and standard of these corporate services
  • increase our focus on decision support and efficiency through reduced effort on transactional processes, and
  • continue investigating options for delivery of corporate functions in the Central Agencies and more broadly across the Public Service, drawing on the BASS programme to identify opportunities.

How will we demonstrate success in achieving this?

  • Within the next five years, the Treasury will be acknowledged by its peers as being one of the best public sector exemplars for price, quantity and standards of its corporate service functions.
  • The BASS benchmarking review will indicate that the Treasury has efficient and appropriately resourced support services, or highlight potential improvements that are actioned.
  • Over the next five years, we will deliver cost-effective services through a corporate service group that is appropriately-sized, given the findings of the BASS review.
  • Leaders, managers and staff will be satisfied that they receive the appropriate level of support to achieve their objectives.

Performance improvement actions

The Treasury will monitor progress on the following areas:

Performance improvement actions to enable and support a high-performing Treasury
Performance Improvement Actions
What we are seeking to achieve Our intended 3- to 5-year impacts

People capability strategy

To know the capability we need to achieve our results, and to attract, recruit, deploy, develop, engage and reward in order to achieve this capability. A clearly articulated people capability strategy aligned to supporting the achievement of our organisational goals. Our strategic investment decisions in recruitment and retention will ensure appropriate levels of engagement and turnover.

Performance management and measurement

Clear expectations of performance directly contribute to the achievement of goals and the achievement of desired outcomes. Effective performance management ensures maximum return on the people investment and delivers value for money from the staffing budget.

We will have a clear and strong performance culture of accountability that raises the performance of the Treasury as an organisation.

People at all levels of the Treasury are held accountable for their contribution. A clear process for aligning staff contribution to ensure that the Treasury recognises and rewards excellence and deals swiftly with under-performance.

Efficient decision-making

Establish a five-year strategy that assists in identifying financial risks and capabilities, and ensure that these are addressed. The Treasury is positioned to deliver with the resources available to it over the medium term.
Review our management information systems to reduce transaction costs and enhance the quality and accessibility of the information that managers receive. Managers will have access to up-to-date and integrated financial, human resource and non-financial information.


  • [1]A summary of the New Zealand Public Service Equal Employment Opportunities Policy is available from the SSC website:
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