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Statement of Intent 2010-15 - The Treasury

Publication Details

  • Statement of Intent 2010 - 2015
  • Published: 20 May 2010
  • Status: Current
  • Author: The Treasury
  • Pages: (4), 42
  • Parl. No: B.27 SOI (2010-2015)
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-35019-7 (Online)
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-35018-0 (Print)
  • Pub. type: Statements of Intent

Statement of Intent 2010-2015

Published 20 May 2010

Presented to the House of Representatives Pursuant to Section 39 of the Public Finance Act 1989.

Note: The Treasury's Statement of Intent 2010-2015 forms part of the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations 2010/11 along with the Treasury's forecast financial statements and a statement of forecast service performance. See Finance and Government Administration Sector - Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations 2010/11.


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An overview of the Treasury's strategic direction 2010-2015

Foreword: Minister of Finance

Introduction from the Chief Executive

Nature and Scope of Functions

Setting our Strategic Direction

Our Operating Intentions 2010-2015

The Treasury's Three Outcomes

The Treasury's Results

Enabling and Supporting a High-performing Treasury

The Management of Risk

Monitoring of Crown Agencies

soi-treasury-2010-15.pdf (631 KB) pp. 1-45
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