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The Treasury Statement of Intent 2007-2010

Maintaining and Developing Capability

Setting strategic direction

The foundations of the strategy adopted in 2005/06 are largely in place. We are well placed to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise, without undermining the way we do things at CCMAU and the culture that has developed. It is important to us that we continue to create the environment and conditions that enable excellent individual and portfolio-wide company performance.

We are committed to being the New Zealand Government’s ownership advisor of choice and welcome the central agency focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ownership monitoring across the public sector. To this end, we have played an active role in the departmental Monitoring, Appointments and Governance Network (MAGNet) led by the State Services Commission and the Treasury, and will continue to do so in 2007/08.

We will continue to pay close attention to government and stakeholder priorities and, by doing so, will demonstrate the critical role CCMAU can play in developing and implementing ownership policy that supports the economic transformation agenda.

Managing our people

Exceeding the expectations of Ministers and key stakeholders requires CCMAU to recruit and retain a skilled, experienced and motivated team. This is not easy in a competitive market environment where the skills staff acquire at CCMAU are keenly sought after by other employers, particularly in the private sector. Our strategy will be to continue to upskill staff and develop their industry knowledge where appropriate.

Moving to newly refurbished, open-plan offices early in 2006/07 has had a positive impact on the way we work. This, coupled with contemporary staff policies, has contributed to our aim of making CCMAU a great place to work.

Feedback from staff is important and valued. We will continue to monitor staff satisfaction levels by conducting an annual staff climate survey.

Improving communications and stakeholder relationships

CCMAU relies on close working relationships with responsible Ministers, the SOEs and Crown companies and entities in its portfolio, and a wide range of other key stakeholders. Timely and constructive feedback, whether formal or informal, is important to our continuous performance improvement. Our strategy of increasing our interactions with our stakeholders has proved beneficial and will continue.

CCMAU’s efforts in leading the establishment of an international network of like organisations are starting to pay dividends – the challenge will be to maintain the momentum to ensure there is an ongoing free flow of information between members. By the end of 2007/08, we expect to have passed on this leadership role to another jurisdiction.

CCMAU’s website is the primary means by which we communicate with the public of New Zealand. Our aim is to ensure the website is an informative, useful and up-to-date resource for those interested in what we do and the performance of the companies and entities we monitor. It is also a channel through which people can express interest in being a director and find out about current board vacancies.

Photo of Murray Wright, Executive Director, CCMAU.
Murray Wright Executive Director
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