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Briefing to Incoming Government 1993

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  • Briefing to Incoming Government 1993
  • Published: Nov 1993
  • Status: Not Current - Reference Only
  • Author: The Treasury

      Briefing to Incoming Government 1993

      Published on 6 Nov 1993

      This briefing paper was the Briefing to the Incoming Government prepared before the 1993 election, it aimed to inform Ministers of the major issues Treasury sees facing New Zealand over the next few years. The briefing paper is available for download in Adobe PDF format only.

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      1 An Overview of Issues

      • Introduction
      • Where the Economy is Heading
      • Raising Economic Performance
        • Reinforcing entrepreneurial behaviour
        • Skills to improve employment and incomes
      • Managing the Government’s contribution
        • Macroeconomic management
        • Managing for effective results

      2 Economic and Fiscal Outlook

      • The pre-election fiscal and economic update
      • New information since the update
        • Latest economic information
        • Latest fiscal information and outlook
      • Growth outlook
        • Assessment of trend and cyclical elements
        • Risks around the outlook
      big93-1.pdf(256 KB) pp. 1-46

      3 Higher Incomes from a Growing Economy

      • New Zealand’s improving performance
        • While growth is sustainable, fluctuations are inevitable
      • New Zealand can achieve higher incomes
      • Improving New Zealand’s income prospects
      • Encouraging enterprising behaviour
        • Encouraging high-quality investment
        • Minimising the cost of capital
        • Ensuring infrastructure and other inputs are provided
        • efficiently
        • International linkages and facilitation
        • Using the spur of competition
        • Keeping up the pressure to perform
      • Policy integration
      big93-2.pdf(736 KB) pp. 47-73

      4 Unemployment, Skills and Disadvantage

      • The importance of skills
        • Stronger growth
        • Low incomes
        • Unemployment
        • Intergenerational transfer of disadvantage
      • Skill acquisition
        • Trainees
        • Employers
        • Educational institutions

      5 Macroeconomic Management

      • Macroeconomic outlook and policy
        • Monetary policy
      • Macroeconomic policy: long-term perspectives
      • Reducing debt
        • A window of opportunity
      • The transition to fiscal surplus
      • Beyond fiscal balance
      • Fiscal management
      big93-3.pdf(214 KB) pp. 75-104
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