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Government Management: Brief to the Incoming Government 1987 Volume I

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  • Government Management: Brief to the Incoming Government 1987 Volume I
  • Published: Jun 1987
  • Status: Not Current - Reference Only
  • Author: The Treasury
    • Hard copy: Available in PDF format only.

    Government Management: Brief to the Incoming Government 1987 Volume I

    Published on 9 Jun 1987

    Government Management was the Briefing to the Incoming Government prepared before the 1987 election, it is a discussion of the issues and problems of managing government activities and institutions so as to pursue the goal of promoting social well-being. Government Management: Volumn II Education Issue was published at the same time and is available from a separate download page. The briefing paper is available for download in Adobe PDF format only.

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    big87i-1.pdf(73 KB) pp. 1-8

    1 Role and Limits of Government

    • Introduction
    • Constraints on the Achievement of Social Goals
    • The Role and Limits of Private Arrangements
    • The Role and Limits of Centralised Government
    • Conclusion
    big87i-2.pdf(266 KB) pp. 9-48

    2 The Public Sector

    • Introduction
    • Parr A-Reform of Public Sector Management
    • Principles for Assessing the Management Process
    • Accountability and Responsibility
    • The State Sector Labour Market
    • The Structure of Government
    • The Funding Process
    • Performance Assessment
    • The Role of Control Agencies
    • Part B-State Production of Commercial Goods and Services
    big87i-3.pdf(774 KB) pp. 49-120

    3 Social Policy

    • Introduction
    • Social Policy in a Multicultural Society
    • Education
    big87i-4.pdf(2348 KB) pp. 121-134
    • Education [continued]
    • Health
    big87i-5.pdf(2162 KB) pp. 135-147
    • Health [continued]
    • Housing Assistance
    • Income Maintenance
    • Universality and Targeting
    big87i-6.pdf(2469 KB) pp. 148-186

    4 Economic Management

    • Introduction
    • Credibility, Pace and Sequencing of Reforms
    • Disinflation
    • Exchange Rate and Monetary Arrangements
    • Fiscal Trends
    • Fiscal Policy
    • Industry Assistance
    • Regulation
    • The Labour Market
    • Private Sector Labour Market Regulation
    • Employment and Training
    • Tax Policy
    big87i-7.pdf(1187 KB) pp. 187-318

    5 Implications of the Treaty of Waitangi

    • Introduction
    • Partnership
    • Claims for Land, Fisheries and Minerals
    • Economic and Social Development
    • Conclusion
    • Appendices I-III
    big87i-8.pdf(296 KB) pp. 319-355

    6 Current Economic Situation

    • The Situation and Outlook
    • Appendix I: The Forecasts in Detail
    • Appendix II: Agricultural Outlook
    • Appendix III: International Outlook
    big87i-9.pdf(541 KB) pp. 357-372

    Annex: Background Papers on Social Policy

    • Role and Goals of Social Policy
    • Ethics and Social Justice
    • The Concept of Rationality
    • A Checklist of Issues for Social Policy Making

    Glossary of Abbreviations

    big87i-10.pdf(605 KB) pp. 373-471
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