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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

Inquiries into Research and Productivity-related Matters MCA

The overarching purpose of this appropriation is to provide for inquiries into, and research and promotion of, productivity-related matters. In particular:

  • inquiries undertaken by the New Zealand Productivity Commission in accordance with the New Zealand Productivity Commission Act 2010, and
  • research undertaken by the Productivity Commission into, and promoting public understanding of, productivity-related matters in accordance with the Productivity Commission Act 2010.

What is intended to be achieved with this appropriation

This appropriation is intended to provide advice to the Government on improving productivity in a way that is directed to supporting the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders through undertaking in-depth inquiries, carrying out productivity-related research and promoting understanding of productivity-related issues.

What was achieved with this appropriation and each of its categories 

In 2015/16 the Productivity Commission delivered two inquiries into productivity-related topics. The first inquiry, Using Land for Housing, considered issues relating to land supply and development capability for housing. Following the release of the report, the Government released its formal response, announcing new policies such as a National Policy Statement on Urban Development, designed to address land supply and housing supply issues. The Commission also released an inquiry into More Effective Social Services. The Government is considering the findings of the report and will release a response in due course.

The Commission also undertook research into, and promoted the public understanding of, productivity-related matters, publishing a number of research reports. The Commission also coordinated the Productivity Hub - a grouping of four agencies that coordinates productivity analysis across the public sector. The other key agencies in the Hub are the Treasury, MBIE and Statistics New Zealand. During 2015/16 the Hub continued its focus on firm-level analysis of New Zealand's productivity performance. The Productivity Hub hosted a Productivity Symposium on 1 December 2015, where researchers, officials and academics from New Zealand and overseas met to deliver presentations and discuss productivity-related matters. The Commission released blogs, transcripts and press material relating to the Symposium, which may be found at the following link:

Performance measure Target for
Performance for 2015/16 Forecast for 2016/17

Inquiries into Productivity-related Matters

The Board of the New Zealand Productivity Commission will meet to manage and administer in accordance with their Statement of Intent. Achieved Achieved Achieved

Inquiries into Productivity-related Matters

The Commission's recommendations are agreed and implemented - as a result of their recommendations (typically through inquiry work), better decisions are made that lead to improved productivity. Achieved Achieved Achieved
Improved productivity analysis and advice in New Zealand - scarce resources for productivity work are better coordinated, leading to more influential and effective research outcomes. Achieved Achieved Achieved
Improved public understanding of productivity issues - people and organisations gain a better understanding of what productivity is and why it is important, increasing the likelihood that productivity improvements are made. Achieved Achieved Achieved

Research into and Promotion of Productivity-related Matters

Define and undertake research on, and promote understanding of, productivity-related matters. The Commission will publish research papers and further the development of collaborative research partnerships. As part of their collaboration, they will work with other government agencies and the wider research community through chairing the Productivity Hub. Achieved Achieved Achieved
Non-departmental 2016
Main Estimates
Supp. Estimates
2017 Unaudited Forecast
as per BEFU 2016
5,030 Expenses 5,030 5,030 5,030 5,030


Further information on what has been achieved with this appropriation will be provided in the Annual Report of the New Zealand Productivity Commission.

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