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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

Administration of Crown Borrowing, Securities, Derivative Transactions and Investment Permanent Legislative Authority

What is intended to be achieved with this appropriation

This appropriation is intended to achieve the administration of the Crown's financing requirements so as to raise sufficient funds to finance the Crown's cash deficit while minimising the cost to the Crown of such borrowing.

What was achieved in this appropriation

Performance measure Target for
Performance for
Forecast for
Crown liquidity and funding risk and NZDMO market and credit risk are well managed within the Crown's risk appetite as evidenced by compliance with the following NZDMO policies: Market Risk Policy, Credit Risk Policy, Liquidity Risk Policy and Funding Risk Policy. No more than four breaches No breaches No more than four breaches
NZDMO operational risk is well managed within the Crown's risk appetite as evidenced by the number of settlement errors and financial loss arising from settlement errors. No more than six errors or $10,000 cost One error No more than six errors or $10,000 cost
Administration of Crown
Borrowing and Investment PLA
Main Estimates
Supp. Estimates
2017 Unaudited Forecast
as per BEFU 2016
7,593 Expenses 8,822 8,917 9,297 9,249

Funded by:

7,979 Revenue  Crown 9,244 8,914 9,244 9,244
4 Other revenue 64 3 53 5


Operating costs associated with the delivery of the Crown Debt Management function were below budget in the areas of legal fees and external provider support costs.

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