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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

The Economic Cycle is Managed in a Way that Supports Sustainable Growth 

Our objectives and the work we do to achieve them

What we intend to achieve Associated outputs and activities Appropriations
Tax, product, financial and labour market policy settings and the operation of fiscal policy do not unnecessarily amplify the business cycle. This will minimise the degree
to which interest rates and the exchange rate have to move to keep the economy operating close to full employment, thus promoting higher trend growth.
  • Policy advice on fiscal policy, strategy and frameworks; budget management; capital markets; macroeconomic management and strategy including the monetary policy framework; microeconomic settings that affect macroeconomic behaviour.
  • Economic and fiscal monitoring, reporting and forecasting.  
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
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