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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

The Crown Balance Sheet is Managed Effectively and Efficiently

Our objectives and the work we do to achieve them

Managing the Crown balance sheet - progress
What we intend to achieve Associated outputs and activities Appropriations
The Crown balance sheet is managed effectively and efficiently with the overall performance and risk profile of assets and liabilities supporting the Government's medium-term objectives.
  • Advice on balance sheet management, Crown ownership, SOE governance and policy settings, commercial transactions, infrastructure frameworks, Public Private Partnerships and Capital Asset Management framework.
  • Capital markets and risk management advice.
  • Execute commercial transactions.
  • Performance management and monitoring of assets, liabilities, risks and major projects.
  • Performance advice and board appointments for entities owned by the Crown.
  • Execute core Crown funding programme.
  • Management of Crown liquidity and funding risks and NZDMO market, credit and operational risks.
  • Execute investor and intermediary engagement plans.
  • Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister of Science and Innovation and the Minister for Economic Development
  • Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises and Other Responsible Ministers
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
  • Administration of Crown Borrowing, Securities, Derivative Transactions and Investment PLA
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