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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

New Zealand has an Internationally Connected and Competitive Business Environment

Our objectives and the work we do to achieve them

Our objectives and the work we do to achieve them
What we intend to achieve Associated outputs and activities Appropriations

Systematically apply an international lens to policy and regulatory work programmes and government interactions with business, households and international stakeholders.

Policy and regulatory programmes support a strong domestic business environment with greater levels of productivity, and sustainable use of natural resources.

  • Policy advice on competition, capital markets, tax, regulation, infrastructure and natural resource management, economic development, innovation, competitiveness and productivity.
  • Policy advice on investment, trade and broader international connectedness.
  • Policy advice on increasing housing supply.
  • Engagement with international partners, FTA negotiations and international financial institutions.
  • Provision of export credit insurance.
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
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