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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2016

Our Strategic Intentions and the 2015/16 Outputs they Deliver

The following table provides an overview of the relationship between the Treasury's Strategic Intentions, the outputs and activities we undertake to achieve them and appropriations through which our work is funded.

Our Strategic Intentions and the 2015/16 Outputs they Deliver
Strategic Intentions What we intend to achieve (2015/16) Associated 2015/16 outputs and activities  Appropriations
New Zealand has an internationally connected and competitive business environment.

Systematically apply an international lens to policy and regulatory work programmes and government interactions with business, households and international stakeholders.

Policy and regulatory programmes support a strong domestic business environment with greater levels of productivity, and sustainable use of natural resources.

  • Policy advice on competition, capital markets, tax, regulation, infrastructure and natural resource management, economic development, innovation, competitiveness and productivity.
  • Policy advice on investment, trade and broader international connectedness.
  • Policy advice on increasing housing supply.
  • Engagement with international partners, free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations and international financial institutions.
  • Provision of export credit insurance.
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
People have the capability and opportunities to participate in society and the economy. Improved public services and the improvement is demonstrated by the relevant Better Public Services results.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the welfare reform programme.
  • Integrated citizen-centred advice on welfare, education, schooling, youth achievement, the labour market, tertiary education, housing, justice and health.
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
The State sector efficiently and effectively delivers results for New Zealanders.

Improved performance of the State sector system, sectors and agencies through greater cross-agency leadership and collaboration, and the use of clear results-focused goals, and improved strategic financial and fiscal management.

Better information is used by the State sector to drive performance improvements and changes to institutions and systems.

A customer- and population-based approach informs State sector management and reform.

  • Policy advice on institutional settings and public management system.
  • Monitoring, assessing and providing advice on the performance of the State sector system and how to improve performance.
  • Monitoring, assessing and providing advice on the performance of agencies, and working with agencies to improve performance.
  • Policy advice on agency interventions, including on social housing and Canterbury earthquake recovery.
  • Performance improvement initiatives to improve strategic financial management across the State sector.
  • Budget preparation and production and guidance and support to agencies to enable them to make full use of the Public Finance Act provisions and to fulfil their Public Finance Act and Cabinet requirements.
  • Implementation of the Social Housing Reform Programme.
  • Administration of Guarantees and Indemnities given by the Crown PLA
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
  • Social Housing Reform MCA

There is a faster improvement in Māori living standards.


The Crown and Māori (iwi, hap ū and whānau) are partnering positively together to improve Māori outcomes.
  • Policy advice and support for achievement of fair and durable Treaty settlements, and the efficient resolution of Māori rights and interests in natural resources, and social and economic outcomes for Māori, particularly with regard to education.
  • Policy advice and commercial transactions that allow better access for Māori to social and affordable housing.
  • Policy Advice - Finance
The economic cycle is managed in a way that supports sustainable growth. Tax, product, financial and labour market policy settings and the operation of fiscal policy do not unnecessarily amplify the business cycle. This will minimise the degree to which interest rates and the exchange rate have to move to keep the economy operating close to full employment, thus promoting higher trend growth.
  • Policy advice on fiscal policy, strategy and frameworks; budget management; capital markets; macroeconomic management and strategy including the monetary policy framework; microeconomic settings that affect macroeconomic behaviour.
  • Economic and fiscal monitoring, reporting and forecasting. 
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
The Crown balance sheet is managed effectively and efficiently. The Crown balance sheet is managed effectively and efficiently with the overall performance and risk profile of assets and liabilities supporting the Government's medium-term objectives.
  • Advice on balance sheet management, Crown ownership, State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) governance and policy settings, commercial transactions, infrastructure frameworks, Public Private Partnerships and Capital Asset Management framework.
  • Capital markets and risk management advice.
  • Execute commercial transactions.
  • Performance management and monitoring of assets, liabilities, risks and
    major projects.
  • Performance advice and board appointments for entities owned by the Crown.
  • Execute core Crown funding programme management of Crown liquidity and funding risks and NZDMO market, credit and operational risks.
  • Execute investor and intermediary engagement plans.
  • Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister of Science and Innovation and the Minister for Economic Development
  • Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises and Other Responsible Ministers
  • Provision of Financial Operations Services and Operational Advice
  • Policy Advice - Finance
  • Administration of Crown Borrowing, Securities, Derivative Transactions and Investment PLA
The Treasury is a high-performing organisation.

The Treasury achieves big shifts in what matters most for raising living standards for New Zealanders.

We enrich our approaches by drawing on the knowledge and skills of others.

  • Delivery of integrated change/human resource work programme.
  • Delivery of shared services business transformation.
  • Delivery of the first work stream under the Information Strategy.
  • Corporate support services including legal advice, financial management services, facilities, management, human resource services and information technology and management.
  • Costs of this strategic intention (which provides necessary inputs to the Treasury's output) are covered by way of an allocation across all departmental output expense appropriations in Vote Finance
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