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Our Leadership Priorities 

We have set ourselves three overarching priorities to be achieved over the next four years. These help to drive the work we do to deliver results for the New Zealand public.

Successful Leadership (both internally and externally) with a particular focus for 2016 on:

  • Proactive and deliberate system leadership.
  • Organising ourselves around our vision and Strategic Intentions.

The Investment Approach is embedded in modern policy and decision-making with a focus on engagement, implementation, monitoring and design. This will include Budget and Four-year Plans and a particular focus for 2016 on:

  • An integrated capital and operating investment approach is embedded across the system.
  • Ministers having the right information to implement the investment approach, including population business demographics.

A higher sustainable growth path for the New Zealand economy with a particular focus for 2016 on:

  • The Treasury being specific about the actions the Government should take and having measures consistent with the Living Standards Framework to measure New Zealand's progress.
  • New Zealand strengthens its connections to the Asia-Pacific region to support economic growth.
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