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How We Make Decisions


In 2015/16 we changed our leadership operating model to ensure our Executive Leadership Team could focus on strategy and the longer-term horizon and was freed up to tackle cross-cutting policy issues, while our Directors ensure delivery across the business. The organising principle of seven Strategic Intentions means work and effort are aligned to the overall outcome we seek to achieve irrespective of manager or team.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is made up of the Secretary and Chief Executive and five Deputy Secretaries and is our pre-eminent decision-making body. They are accountable for the strategic leadership of the Treasury with a focus on outward-facing and cross-cutting issues; where decisions are more likely to have a material impact on the outcomes, functions or reputation of the Treasury as a whole. The Executive Leadership Team members are accountable for the delivery of the Treasury's Strategic Intentions.

Kaiurungi - ‘The people who steer'

The Treasury's Chief Operating Officer (Deputy Secretary) chairs Kaiurungi. They are responsible for the delivery of our Strategic Intention work programmes. Kaiurungi are also responsible to the Executive Leadership Team for delivering on the agreed organisational strategy and for ensuring the programme of work across all directorates will deliver on the Treasury's objectives and is well-aligned with strategy.


The Treasury holds a variety of different forums to bring staff into decision making. Treasury Forums are about promoting inclusive, cross-Treasury discussion and debate across all areas of our business, and so are open to all Treasury staff. There are different formats for these forums to reflect the fact that we need different ways to discuss issues for a range of different purposes. Sometimes we want to get together to draw out a diversity of views, sometimes we need to resolve on a Treasury position, and sometimes we just need to share information. Leaders' Forums bring together Deputy Secretaries, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and Principal Advisors from across the Treasury to share, discuss and build understanding. We use them to test thinking from ELT and Kaiurungi, generating and exploring ideas and solutions from the practical, on-the-ground perspective of the people who lead our teams and their work programmes. The Leaders' Forums give these leaders opportunities to contribute to decision-making, to understand and influence the strategy and assist with its implementation.

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