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List of Acronyms

List of Acronyms
ACC Accident Compensation Corporation
ALM Asset and Liability Matching
AMI AMI Insurance Ltd
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
APR Annual Portfolio Report
BASS Benchmarking Administrative and Support Services
BBC Better Business Cases
BEFU Budget Economic and Fiscal Update
BPS Budget Policy Statement
CAM Capital Asset Management
CAML Crown Asset Management Ltd
CASS Central Agencies Shared Services
CEC Crown Entity Companies
CERA Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority
CFI Crown Financial Institution
COMU Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit
CPI Consumer Price Index
CRI Crown Research Institute
CSD Crown Support Deed
DBP(A) Defined Benefit Plan (Annuitants)
DGS Deposit Guarantee Scheme
DHB District Health Board
DIA Department of Internal Affairs
DPMC Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
ECA Export Credit Agency
ELT Executive Leadership Team
EMUs Electric Multiple Units
ETS Emissions Trading Scheme
EQC Earthquake Commission
FBT Fringe Benefit Tax
FSR Fiscal Strategy Report
FVPL Fair Value through Profit or Loss
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GSF Government Superannuation Fund
GSO Government Share Offer Programme
GST Goods and Services Tax
HNZC Housing New Zealand Corporation
IFIs International Financial Institutions
IMAP Investment Management and Asset Performance
IMF International Monetary Fund
IPO Initial Public Offer
IRD Inland Revenue Department
KPI Key Performance Indicators
LGFA Local Government Funding Agency
LVR Loan Value Ratio
MBIE Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
MCA Ministerial Correspondence
MCA Multi-Category Appropriation
MCDEM Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
MfE Ministry for the Environment
MOE Ministry of Education
MOIAs Ministry Official Information Act requests
MOJ Ministry of Justice
MOM Mixed Ownership Model
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MSD Ministry of Social Development
MYA Multi-year Appropriation
NCEA National Certificate of Educational Achievement
NGOs Non-Government Organisations
NIIP Net International Investment Position
NPF National Provident Fund
NZ GAAP New Zealand Generally Accepted Accounting Practice
NZ IFRS New Zealand equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards
NZDMO New Zealand Debt Management Office
NZECO New Zealand Export Credit Office
NZICA New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
NZSF New Zealand Superannuation Fund
NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency
NZVIF New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Ltd
OAG Office of the Auditor-General
OBEGAL Government's Operating Balance Before Gains and Losses
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OGA Office of the Government Accountant
OIAs Official Information Act requests
OLAG Outcome Leaders Action Group
PAS Public Benefit Entity Accounting Standards
PAYE Pay-As-You-Earn
PBE IPSAS Public Benefit Entity International Public Sector Accounting Standards
PIF Performance Improvement Framework
PLAs Permanent Legislative Authorities
PPPs Public Private Partnerships
PQs Parliamentary Questions
PRC People and Resources Committee
RAC Risk and Audit Committee
RBNZ Reserve Bank of New Zealand
REANNZ Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand
RIA Regulatory Impact Analysis
RMA Resource Management Act 1991
SCI Statement of Corporate Intent
SLAs Service Level Agreements
SOE State-Owned Enterprise
SOI Statement of Intent
SQS Service Quality Score
SRESL Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd
SROs Senior Responsible Owners
SSC State Services Commission
TEC Tertiary Education Commission
TOIAs Treasury Official Information Act requests
TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership
VaR Value at Risk
WFGF Wholesale Funding Guarantee Facility
WGI Worldwide Governance Indicators
WTO World Trade Organisation
XRB External Reporting Board
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