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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2014

Research and Policy Publications

The Treasury's research and policy publications present work-in-progress perspectives on a variety of economic, financial, trade and social issues. The aim in publishing this work is to make the papers available to a wider audience, and to inform and encourage public debate on important areas of work.

Working Papers published for the year ended 30 June 2014 Publishing Date and
Paper Number
Population Ageing and the Growth of Income and Consumption Tax Revenue July 2013 - WP 13/09
Private Returns to Tertiary Education - How does New Zealand compare? July 2013 - WP 13/10
Alternative Distributions for Inequality and Poverty Comparisons July 2013 - WP 13/11
Intergenerational Smoothing of New Zealand's Future Fiscal Costs July 2013 - WP 13/12
The Distributional Impact of Population Ageing July 2013 - WP 13/13
Housing Affordability in New Zealand: Evidence from household surveys July 2013 - WP 13/14
China's Recent Growth and its Impact on the New Zealand Economy July 2013 - WP 13/15
The Outlook for China's Growth and its impact on New Zealand Exports July 2013 - WP 13/16
Empirical Evidence on Growth Spillovers from China to New Zealand July 2013 - WP 13/17
Estimating New Zealand's Output Gap Using a Small Macro Model July 2013 - WP 13/18
Parameter Uncertainty and the Fiscal Multiplier July 2013 - WP 13/19
The Requirements for Long-run Fiscal Sustainability July 2013 - WP 13/20
Population Ageing, Productivity and Policies: A survey with implications for New Zealand Dec 2013 - WP 13/21
Can Automatic Tax Increases Pay for the Public Spending Effects of Population Ageing in New Zealand? Dec 2013 - WP 13/22
Tales of Three Budgets: Changes in long-term fiscal projections through the GFC and beyond Dec 2013 - WP 13/23
The Elasticity of Taxable Income, Welfare Changes and Optimal Tax Rates Dec 2013 - WP 13/24
Intergenerational Contracts and Time Consistency: Implications for policy settings and governance in the social welfare system Dec 2013 - WP 13/25
How Does the Exchange Rate Affect the Real Economy? A Literature Survey Dec 2013 - WP 13/26
Revenue-maximising Elasticities of Taxable Income in Multi-rate Income Tax Structures Dec 2013 - WP 13/27
Retirement Income Policy and National Savings Dec 2013 - WP 13/28
Estimating Firm-level Effective Marginal Tax Rates and the User Cost of Capital in New Zealand Dec 2013 - WP 13/29
Macroeconomic Policy in New Zealand: From the great inflation to the global financial crisis Dec 2013 - WP 13/30
Sources of International Investment Data in the Longitudinal Business Database Dec 2013 - WP 13/31
Recent Unemployment Experience in New Zealand Feb 2014 - WP 14/01
To Save or Save Not: Intergenerational neutrality and the expansion of New Zealand Superannuation Feb 2014 - WP 14/02
New Zealand Labour Market Dynamics: Pre- and post-global financial crisis Feb 2014 - WP 14/03
An Empirical Study of Sectoral-level Capital Investments in New Zealand Feb 2014 - WP 14/04
A Gravity Model of Barriers to Trade in New Zealand Feb 2014 - WP 14/05
KiwiSaver: Comparing survey and administrative data Feb 2014 - WP 14/06
Food Expenditure and GST in New Zealand April 2014 - WP 14/07
Estimation of Labour Supply in New Zealand April 2014 - WP 14/08
Estimation of Wage Equations for New Zealand April 2014 - WP 14/09
Migration and Macroeconomic Performance in New Zealand: Theory and evidence April 2014 - WP 14/10
Housing Affordability: Lessons from the United States April 2014 - WP 14/11
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