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Statement of Commitments


Non-cancellable operating lease commitments

5,641 Not later than 1 year 3,983
10,298 Later than 1 year and not later than 5 years 7,049
- Later than 5 years -
15,939 Total non-cancellable operating lease commitments 11,032
15,939 Total commitments 11,032

Capital commitments

There are no capital commitments for this year (30 June 2013: Nil).

Non-cancellable operating lease commitments

The Treasury has non-cancellable operating leases on its principal premises at No 1 The Terrace, Wellington until 2017. These operating lease commitments have been recorded at their gross values in the Statement of Commitments.

Other non-cancellable commitments

The Treasury has entered into non-cancellable contracts for computer maintenance, cleaning services, consulting services and other contracts for services.

The accompanying accounting policies and notes form part of these financial statements.

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