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Independent Advisory Committees

The Chief Executive is supported by the following advisory committees. Their primary purpose is to ensure integrity and accountability.

Treasury Board

Provides independent external perspectives on the Treasury's performance.

The Treasury Board is a governance body that supports the Secretary to the Treasury to meet our strategic goals and ambitions. The Board does this by testing key strategic decisions, offering external expertise and perspectives and providing a strong advisory function. For more information on the Board, see pages 126 and 127.

The Risk and Audit Committee

Provides independent external perspectives on internal controls and management systems.

The Risk and Audit Committee (RAC) supports the Chief Executive by providing independent advice, assurance and observations on the adequacy of the internal control and management systems, processes and activities across the Treasury. For more information on RAC, see page 128.

Specialised Committees and Boards

Some aspects of the Treasury's work programme are supported by specialised advisory committees or boards. These include:

  • The Commercial Operations Advisory Board provides guidance and advice to support and enhance the Treasury's commercial analysis and advice to Ministers. It also provides an independent, private sector perspective to help them make well-informed decisions regarding the commercial portfolio.
  • The Export Credit Office Technical Advisory Committeeprovides independent technical expertise, advice and assurance to the Treasury on the Export Credit Office's strategy, assessment of its transactions and management of its risks.

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