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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2014

Improving Organisational Performance

To be a world-class Treasury working towards higher living standards for New Zealanders requires an ongoing programme to develop the capability of our staff and systems. It also requires management and governance arrangements that help us to aim high and then to hold us to account.

Leading Organisational Performance

The Treasury has a number of committees and sub-committees that are designed to support effective decision-making and ensure that we maintain our focus on making a difference on the things that matter most. These are:

The Executive Leadership Team

Sets and is accountable for the organisational strategy.

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is made up of the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and five Deputy Secretaries. ELT is responsible and accountable for strategic leadership of the organisation, driving its performance and steering the health of the organisation. It takes decisions that have a material impact on the outcomes, functions or reputation of the Treasury as a whole. For more information on ELT, see pages 124 and 125.

The Chief Executive is supported by the following advisory committees:

Outcome Leaders Action Group

Responsible for implementing and monitoring progress against our organisational strategy delivery, including the Four-year Plan.

The Outcome Leaders Action Group (OLAG) is the management subcommittee of ELT and is responsible for the performance and delivery of the Treasury's core business and change programmes. OLAG is responsible for overall delivery of the Four-year Plan.

People and Resources Committee

Responsible for implementing specific, delegated aspects of the Four-year Plan.

The People and Resources Committee (PRC) is responsible for monitoring the Treasury's performance against specific aspects of the Four-year Plan. Its focus is how to implement these to maximise the business benefits. PRC reports progress to OLAG. In practice, PRC focuses on four to five priority initiatives that are central to achieving the Treasury's Four-year Plan. PRC may recommend changes to the workforce strategy and efficiency and effectiveness initiatives to OLAG. Where appropriate these are referred to ELT for approval. This team comprises a number of managers from each portfolio.

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