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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2012

Ministerial Servicing Performance 2011/12

The Treasury drafts responses to Parliamentary Questions for Written Answer (PQs), Ministerial Correspondence (MC) and Official Information Act requests (OIAs) for consultation with, or approval by, the responsible Minister.

The Treasury provides these services to the Minister of Finance, Associate Ministers of Finance and/or other Ministers on referral from the Minister of Finance or an Associate Minister of Finance; the Minister of Science and Innovation; and the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises.

There are two categories of OIA requests: OIA requests made to Ministers (MOIAs) and OIA requests made to the Treasury (TOIAs). The number of PQs listed below relates to written PQs only. Estimated and actual volumes for PQ, MC and OIA requests referred to the Treasury for 2011/12 are presented below.

During the year, the Treasury introduced new processes for handling MC, incorporating the recommendations of the Lean Six Sigma analysis undertaken earlier in 2011. The changes resulted in a sustained improvement in MC results since December which has lifted overall performance figures for the year compared with the previous year.

Estimated and actual volumes for MC, PQ and OIA requests for 2010/11
Total for all Votes (estimated for full year) 200 1,280 160 210
Actual draft replies completed 278 986 150 222
Target % answered by due date 100% 95% 100% 100%
% answered by due date 100% 77% 86% 80%
Target % first draft accepted 100% 95% 95% N/A
% first draft accepted 97% 93% 100% N/A

The measurement of drafts accepted the first time focuses explicitly on errors made by the Treasury. Agreed measures for ministerial servicing are set out on page 124.

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