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Shared Support Services

Scope of Appropriation

This appropriation is limited to provision of support services to other agencies.

Significant Work Completed During 2011/12

Establishing CASS

  • CASS was established on 7 March 2012 to deliver finance, human resources, information management and technology services to the Treasury, SSC and DPMC.
  • By year-end CASS had completed its establishment phase, during which it continued to provide operational support to the three agencies.
  • During this period, significant achievements were:
    • appointments made for all manager and team leader roles and most other permanent roles
    • establishment of the foundational governance mechanisms, in particular, the MOU between the three agencies, the CASS Partnership Board which provides cross-agency governance detailed in its charter and the CASS Service Catalogue which defines and describes the services delivered by CASS
    • implementation of several quick-win initiatives, including the rollout of new telephony and printer services, and
    • completion of detailed planning for 2012/13, including establishing a Service Catalogue agreement between the three agencies, which provides the framework for CASS performance metrics and targets for 2012/13.

As this appropriation was established during the 2011/12 year, no performance measures were formally agreed for the year in review.

Shared Support Services
Shared Support Services 2012
Main Estimates
Supp. Estimates
- Expenses 2,310 - 3,000

Funded by:

- Revenue Crown - - -
- Other revenue 2,310 - 3,000

Expenditure is $690,000 under the Supplementary Estimates budget and this is also reflected in the lower departmental revenue charged for these services. The first budget for this new activity represented an upper limit of expected costs and was subject to the completion of the detailed Service Catalogue.

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