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Annual Report of the Treasury for the Year Ended 30 June 2012

Our Leadership Role Models and Drives Our Values in Order to Lift Our Performance

We have continued to progress our Change Programme to lift the performance of the Treasury by changing the Treasury's culture. We have established a clear set of values that set out the type of organisation we want and need to be, and delivered a range of activities that help give effect to these values. Our leadership is taking an active role in leading the culture change and is committed to focusing more on setting the strategic direction of the organisation and to working collaboratively.

The Treasury takes improving the effectiveness of our leaders seriously and we have put in place a number of actions on this. In our 2011 Gallup survey the results to the statement "I have confidence in the leadership of the Treasury to successfully manage emerging challenges" increased from the 32nd percentile to the 43rd percentile.

In addition to our internal leadership, we have taken a more active external leadership role. We have been more visible in shaping the debate in a number of areas. In August 2011 we engaged an independent market research firm to survey external stakeholders' opinions about the Treasury. A series of 14 qualitative and 160 quantitative interviews were used to gauge external perceptions of the Treasury, enabling us to create a benchmark of our service delivery. Interviewees were asked about their perceptions of, experience with and satisfaction regarding the Treasury's service. Findings included that:

  • Stakeholders respect the Treasury for its expertise and professionalism. There is a high level of confidence in staff, the standard of our thinking and analysis.
  • Stakeholders are interested in the Treasury. They want more frequent and richer engagement, better information about who does what, more collaboration and partnership and for the organisation to engage with a wider range of interests.
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