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We are an Adaptable and Productive Workforce

In order to be a high-performing organisation, we need all our staff to know what we are seeking to achieve and how we are going to achieve this. Over the year, we have undertaken a number of initiatives in support of this, including improving the line of sight between our outcomes and individual work plans; improving the clarity of our Statement of Intent (SOI) (including our performance measures) and Output Plan; developing the four-year Budget Plan; improving our prioritisation process; and finalising a Workforce Strategy.

Our Briefing to the Incoming Government is an example of the progress we have made in bringing together coherent and forward-looking advice to Ministers on what matters for New Zealand's living standards.

We've developed and begun implementing a number of key strategies (including a Diversity Strategy and Workforce Strategy) that will enable and support a higher performing Treasury in the future.

We have put in place measures to lift the Treasury's capability to carry out our Ministry of Finance function. Our aim is to achieve a step change in our strategic finance analysis. We have also progressed work on how we are going to more effectively join up our functions with DPMC and SSC as part of an effective Corporate Centre.

The Treasury undertook its third Gallup Q12 survey over August and September 2011. The participation rate was 94%. Employee engagement at the organisational level has been steady year-on-year with the Treasury sitting on the 43rd percentile in Gallup's worldwide database (from the 44th percentile in 2010) and the 64th percentile in the Worldwide Public Administration database. The percentage of engaged employees increased from 34% to 37%. While this is positive movement, we aim to improve our engagement scores significantly.

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