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Better Public Services

Another highlight of the 2011/12 year has been the evolution of the Better Public Services programme. I was a member of the Better Public Services Advisory Group that reported to Ministers after the 2011 general election. The Government accepted the recommendations of the advisory group and the Better Public Services work programme is now one of its priorities.

The Government is committed to changes in the public service in order to achieve its priorities, and the Treasury is part of the corporate centre that, along with the State Services Commission (SSC) and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC), will drive and support this change. We're providing assurance to Ministers that the results they want will be delivered, and improving the management of financial resources across all of government. We're getting alongside public service agencies to help them work better with each other and to help them find practical and innovative ways to use their taxpayer-funded and owned resources, organising themselves and their finances around results that make a difference. With our cross-agency view, we can get other agencies to view their work in a wider context and therefore get a greater understanding of what the Government needs them to deliver.

Thank you to all the Treasury staff who apply their skills and passion to the work they do. I'm proud to see their efforts driven by a desire to contribute to higher living standards for New Zealanders.

Gabriel Makhlouf
Secretary to the Treasury

28 September 2012

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