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The Changing Shape of the Treasury

Everyone working at the Treasury has a role in helping to achieve higher living standards for New Zealanders. To succeed in their work, my staff need to be bold in their thinking and behaviour, coming up with innovative ways to work with each other, with other State sector agencies and with the private sector. And they need to be passionate about making a difference, challenging themselves and others to remain focused on what really matters, supported by evidence and rigorous analysis.

We're re-shaping ourselves to ensure that we have the right capabilities to deliver on the Government's priorities and to achieve our vision, on a smaller budget. Much of our re-shaping is occurring through changes in our culture, capability and capacity. We've taken a far more outward looking approach to our work, compared with previous years. We are, for example, testing the quality of our work with external economists, academics and commentators and collaborating with a number of other agencies to help the Government develop its Business Growth Agenda. We have also engaged with high school students via a competition that helped broaden our understanding, and theirs, of long-term issues that affect their future.

We've organised ourselves to create a higher performing Treasury that drives to achieve improved economic performance, a stable and sustainable macroeconomic environment and a more efficient and effective State sector. These outcomes are directly intended to improve New Zealanders' living standards.

Shaping the Treasury to be the most effective organisation it can be is one of my most important roles as leader. My vision is that the Treasury is an exciting and energetic hothouse of ideas. I want us to be powered by intellectual curiosity and focused on work that has a real and positive impact. I want us to be one of the most influential and respected organisations in the country. By implementing our workforce strategy, we will become bolder, more outwardly focused and collaborative, more diverse in our thinking and adaptive in our behaviours.

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