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Funding Risk

Funding risk refers to the inability to raise funds at an acceptable price and tenor.

NZDMO's funding policy is designed to spread refinancing risk over time, and to diversify funding sources by maintaining access to a range of funding markets. To manage interest-rate risk and lower the cost of the New Zealand-dollar portfolio, NZDMO maintains a mix of fixed-rate and floating-rate debt, and uses interest-rate swaps. To manage refinancing risk, NZDMO places a limit on the percentage of outstanding debt that may be composed of short-term funding (ie, maturity less than one year at issuance). Inflation-indexed debt makes up a component of the portfolio and is issued when it is costeffective to do so.

Bonds are issued into benchmark lines to improve liquidity in the domestic bond market and, consequently, reduce the Crown's cost of borrowing. NZDMO limits the tranche size of each maturity of marketable bonds issued in New Zealand dollars. Benchmark size trades off between improving liquidity and managing refinancing risk, and it is reviewed regularly.

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