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Schedule of Commitments

as at 30 June 2011

This schedule sets out the level of commitment made against out-year appropriations and funding baselines for non-departmental expenditure. The Department, on behalf of the Crown, has entered into non-cancellable contracts in relation to New Zealand House in London.

Schedule of Commitments

Operating Commitments

By type:

1,314 Non-cancellable property lease 1,141
130 Other non-cancellable operating commitments 465
1,444 1,606

By term:

165 Less than one year 147
35 One to two years 147
104 Two to five years 326
1,140 More than five years 986
1,444 Total Commitments 1,606

The Statement of Accounting Policies is an integral part of these supplementary financial schedules.

For a full understanding of the Crown's financial position and the result of its operations for the year, refer to the consolidated Financial Statements of the Government for the year ended 30 June 2011.

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