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Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister of Science and Innovation and Other Responsible Ministers

Scope of Appropriation

This appropriation is limited to the provision of ownership, performance monitoring and governance advice to the Minister of Science and Innovation and other responsible Ministers in respect of the Ministers' shareholding responsibilities.

Significant Work Completed During 2010/11

Performance monitoring of CRIs

  • Built on work and analysis developed in 2010, the Treasury developed a more detailed and comprehensive set of performance information on the entities that are monitored in the 2011 Annual Portfolio Report, specifically financial performance measures relating to CRIs.

Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI)

  • The Taskforce Review of CRIs saw the development of Statements of Core Purpose for each CRI and a new focus to the Statements of Corporate Intent. COMU worked with MSI on the development of the new accountability documents and managed the transition of primary monitoring responsibilities from COMU to MSI.
Statement of Service Performance for Output Class - Vote Crown Research Institutes
Performance Dimensions for 2010/11 Target Performance for 2010/11
Quality standards for policy advice. Achieved.


Refer to summary of the Review of the Quality of the Treasury's Policy Advice 2011 on page 62 for further information on application of the policy standard during the 2010/11 year. 

Ministerial satisfaction. Achieved.

Materially met. 

During the year COMU has provided the Minister with six-monthly reports on its service performance, quarterly reports on the performance of entities being monitored and ad hoc reports on other areas of interest. In addition to these reporting channels, regular meetings with the Minister have ensured more real-time opportunities for feedback on COMU's performance. 

Cost - Vote Crown Research Institutes
Crown Company Monitoring Advice to the Minister of Science and Innovation and Other Responsible Ministers 2011
Main Estimates
Supp. Estimates
696 Expenses 595 1,074 626

Funded by:

687 Revenue Crown 583 1,063 615
9 Other revenue 12 11 11
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