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Fiscal Reporting

Scope of Appropriation

This output expense is limited to preparing fiscal forecasts, monitoring of and reporting on fiscal conditions, preparing the Financial Statements of the Government, providing advice on the application and development of generally accepted accounting practice as it applies to the Crown and monitoring the adequacy of departmental financial management controls.

Significant Work Completed During 2010/11

  • Provided advice on significant accounting issues across the Crown and provided fiscal input into other reporting products and advice (eg, the Investment Statement and rating agency reviews). For some months of the 2010/11 year this work programme was heavily impacted by the demands for information and advice following the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Provided central government leadership on accounting standard-setting frameworks including representation on international and domestic accounting standard-setting boards. This work included significant input into the development of a conceptual framework for the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board and into the establishment of the New Zealand External Reporting Board.
Statement of Service Performance for Output Class - Fiscal Reporting
Performance Dimensions for 2010/11 Target Performance for 2010/11
Audit opinion issued by the Controller and Auditor-General on the Financial Statements of the Government Unqualified. An unqualified opinion was achieved for the Financial Statements of the Government for the year ended 30 June 2010.
Cost - Fiscal Reporting
Fiscal Reporting 2011
Main Estimates
Supp. Estimates
3,606 Expenses 3,116 3,588 3,082

Funded by:

3,545 Revenue Crown 3,051 3,530 3,036
61 Other revenue 65 58 46
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