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Page updated 25 May 2017

Overview of publications produced by the Treasury, including those produced for the government.

See A - Z of Publications for an alphabetical index by title of the formal publications published by the Treasury, including those published for the government but not including the Research & Policy publications.  Due to the large numbers of these publications there are separate indexes to Research & Policy publications.

Government Publications

The Treasury publishes two significant types of publications for the Government.

Budget Documents
See the Budgets > Budget 2017, and Budgets > Archive of Budgets areas of this site.  Budget documents include: the Budget Speech, Fiscal Strategy Report, Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand, the Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations for the Government of New Zealand and the Budget Policy Statement.
Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand
See the Government Finances > Financial Statements area of this site.  The Treasury publishes monthly and annual (year end) financial statements for the Government.

Treasury Publications

The main types of publications (or information published) by the Treasury on this website are:

Forecasts (Economic and Fiscal Updates)
The Treasury's forecasts for government finances and the economy are published in Economic and Fiscal Updates, which are part of the suite of Budget documents.
Statements on the Long-Term Fiscal Position
Statements provide 40-year projections of government revenue, spending and debt, and analysis of the factors that will drive these in the decades ahead.
Research & Policy
The Treasury's Working Papers (individually authored papers containing work in progress and research on a variety of economic, financial, trade and social issues) and Analytical Papers (individually authored papers presenting analysis of data and research), and other Treasury Papers (authored by the Treasury and representing its views). The Treasury offers email alerts for new research and policy publications.
Guidance & Instructions
Publications containing advice, guidance and instructions to state sector entities (e.g. departments and Crown entities) on financial management, the Budget, financial reporting and other aspects of New Zealand's public sector performance and financial management system. Includes Treasury Instructions and Treasury Circulars.
About Treasury
Includes the Treasury's Statement of Intent, its Annual Report and the history of the Treasury. 
Information Releases
Releases of Treasury and other government-held documents of public interest, including releases in response to Official Information Act requests.
Media Statements & Speeches
Media statements issued by the Treasury; public speeches by senior Treasury managers; and speeches presented by visiting academics as part of the Treasury's Guest Lecture series. 
Reviews & Consultation
Reports and issues papers from formal reviews, working parties or other types of consultation involving the Treasury.
Briefings to Incoming Governments 
The Treasury's views on the state of government finances and the economy prepared for incoming governments before a general election.
New Zealand Economic and Financial Overviews (NZEFO)
See the Economy > Overview of NZ Economy area of this site.  The NZEFO is an annual publication that describes the structure and performance of the New Zealand economy, government finances, monetary policy and the financial system.
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