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New Zealand's Long-Term Fiscal Position [June 2006]

Publication Details

  • New Zealand's Long-Term Fiscal Position
  • Published: 27 Jun 2006
  • Status: Superseded
  • Author: The Treasury

      New Zealand's Long-term Fiscal Position

      Published 27 Jun 2006
      Page updated 10 Nov 2009

      This is the first in the series of statements on New Zealand's long-term fiscal position published by the Treasury.

      The Treasury is required under the Public Finance Act 1989 (as amended in 2004) to publish a statement at least every four years and each statement must have an outlook horizon of at least 40 years.

      Note: The current statement is Challenges and Choices: New Zealand's Long-term Fiscal Statement published on 29 October 2009.

      Read the related media release published with the release of the first statement by the Hon Dr Michael Cullen, Minister of Finance, on the Beehive web site: Government coping well with an ageing population (27 June 2006).

      The Treasury sees the purpose of these statements is to increase the quality and depth of public information and understanding about the long-term consequences of spending and revenue decisions and to assist governments in making fiscally-sound decisions. The statements are a resource for policy makers, commentators and the general public.  See Statements on the Long-term Fiscal Position for more information about how the statements are prepared.

      Data from Charts and Graphs in the Statement

      This chartpack contains all the charts and data used in New Zealand's Long-term Fiscal Position.
      Download the chartpack: ltfp-06-charts.xls (1.4 MB - Large File)


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      Statement of Responsibility


      Executive Summary

      1 Introduction

      2 Fiscal Responsibility

      3 Approach Taken Here

      ltfp-06-pt1of3.pdf(1134 KB) pp. (3)1–35

      4 Demographic and Economic Assumptions

      5 Taxes and Other Revenue

      6 Health

      7 Education

      ltfp-06-pt2of3.pdf (691 KB) pp. 36–78

      8 Superannuation

      9 Other Benefits

      10 Other Spending Areas

      11 Overall Results

      Annex 1: Key Assumptions

      Annex 2: Previous Studies


      ltfp-06-pt3of3.pdf (559 KB) pp. 79–118
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