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Session Two - Framework for Policy Analysis of Long-Term Fiscal Issues Long-Term Fiscal External Panel

Page updated 17 Oct 2012

The second session of the Long-Term Fiscal External Panel was held at Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington, on Wednesday 26 September.

The topic for this panel session was the Framework for Policy Analysis of Long-Term Fiscal Issues.

The first Panel session highlighted the need for policy adjustments to ensure that budget balances and the level of public debt remain at prudent levels. This second Panel session considered how the Treasury should use its Living Standards Framework to assess policy reform options. The Framework includes the criteria of: fiscal sustainability, economic growth and efficiency, risk and uncertainty, intra- and inter-generational distribution and social cohesion. There was a particular focus at this panel session about how to analyze and communicate fairness and distributional issues.

The fiscal reform options being considered will have implications for the role of the welfare state in New Zealand, including in the areas of retirement income policy, working-age welfare, public health and education. To ground subsequent analysis of fiscal policy choices in the context of New Zealand's history, this session also discussed the evolution of welfare policy in New Zealand.

The agenda for the session, a summary of the discussion from the session, and draft research papers, which formed the basis of much of the Panel's deliberations, are available in the table of documents below.

Most documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request by Information Services. Using PDF Files
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