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Long-Term Fiscal External Panel

Page updated  28 Feb 2013

As part of preparations for the next Long-Term Fiscal Statement, the Treasury has established an External Panel of independent experts and commentators and will be co-sponsoring the Affording Our Future Conference in Wellington in December 2012.

Chaired by Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of Victoria Business School at Victoria University of Wellington, Professor Bob Buckle, the panel will help to ensure that the next statement is robust and meets its objective to provide a range of viable options for managing the Crown's financial position in a way that protects the interests of New Zealanders now and in the future.

The External Panel will meet monthly from August to November 2012 as indicated below:

Session One: Thursday, 30 August
The topic for this panel session was the Fiscal Framework and Projections.
Session Two: Wednesday, 26 September
The topic for this panel session was Framework for Policy Analysis of Long-Term Fiscal Issues.
Session Three: Thursday, 25 October
The topic for this panel session was Retirement Income and Tax Policy Analysis and Choices.
Session Four: Thursday, 29 November
The topic for this panel session was Health Policy Analysis and Choices, Combined Scenarios and Features of Enduring Reform.

An agenda for each meeting will be posted prior to each session. Draft research papers discussed at sessions, together with a summary of session proceedings, will be published following each session.

Due to the value Treasury received from the 2012 External Panel sessions, two additional sessions have been scheduled for 2013. These additional sessions have been scheduled as follows:
Session Five: Monday, 11 March
This panel session considered the first draft of Affording Our Future – the central document of the 2013 Long-Term Fiscal Statement – as well as a paper discussing whether automatic tax increases can help finance pressures associated with an ageing population.
Session Six: Thursday, 11 April
This panel session will consider the second draft of Affording Our Future – the central document of the 2013 Long-Term Fiscal Statement


Affording our Future 2012 Conference

Some members of the External Panel provided their own views and observations of key issues, options and potential trade-offs through the presentation of papers at the Affording our Future 2012 Conference, jointly hosted by Victoria University Chair of Public Finance and the Treasury, in Wellington on December 10-11 2012. For information about the conference programme, including information on speakers and discussants, please go to this page: Affording Our Future Conference 2012

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