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Investment Statements

Page updated 29 Nov 2017

In 2013, the Public Finance Act (1989) was amended to require the Treasury to report to Parliament with an Investment Statement at least every four years. The Statement:

  • outlines the importance of the Crown's balance sheet in delivering public goods and services, and its importance for the quality of New Zealanders' living standards
  • describe the Crown's balance sheet, how it has evolved, and how it is expected to change in the future
  • describes the performance of the Crown's major asset and liability classes
  • canvasses Crown risk management issues, in particular what risk management means, what the Crown does now, and where the main risks and weaknesses are
  • articulates the Treasury's assessment around key frameworks, including frameworks to guide the Crown's decisions on:
    • funding mechanisms for public goods and services
    • financial risk management
    • balance sheet composition for assets and liabilities and a fiscal buffer
    • owning assets, relative to other means of delivering public goods and services, and
    • potential new directions for the balance sheet.

2018 Investment Statement

To be published in March 2018, the Treasury's next 2018 Investment Statement, explores how the Crown balance sheet can effectively contribute to wellbeing outcomes.

2014 Investment Statement

The 2014 Investment Statement: Managing the Crown’s Balance Sheet, was published on 26 March 2014.

2014 Investment Statement Seminar Series

Following the release of the 2014 Investment Statement, the Treasury is continuing its series of seminars aiming to foster ongoing interest and discussion on matters relevant to managing the Crown’s balance sheet.

Upcoming seminars:

  • TBA

Presentation material from past seminars is available below:

Background information

Note that prior to the 2013 amendment to the Public Finance Act, an Investment Statement of the Government of New Zealand was published in December 2010. That report was updated with supplementary information six months later in May 2011. These two reports were published by the Government and were not Public Finance Act reporting requirements of the Treasury.

The Public Finance Act also requires the Treasury to produce a Statement on the Long-Term Fiscal Position at least every four years. These Statements must include 40-year projections on the Crown’s financial position and identify fiscal challenges that will face future governments such as those arising from the ageing of the population. The 2013 Statement, Affording Our Future, was published in July 2013.

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