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2018 Investment Statement: Investing for Wellbeing

Page updated 29 Nov 2017

To be published in March 2018, the Treasury’s next Investment Statement explores how the Crown balance sheet can effectively contribute to wellbeing outcomes.

Publication fulfils a fiscal reporting requirement of the Public Finance Act 1989. The Act’s purpose is to increase transparency and accountability over the investment taxpayers have made in the Crown’s balance sheet. The Act states the Investment Statement must describe and state the current value of the Crown’s assets and liabilities, as well as changes in the last four years and foreseeable changes in the coming four years.

Central government contributes to wellbeing through the management of the Crown balance sheet. Government assets such as schools and hospitals, roads, defence equipment and financial investments contribute to the stocks of capital - natural, social, human, financial and physical - which generate tangible and intangible benefits relevant to wellbeing. Due to the size and scope of the balance sheet, government assets and liabilities can have a significant impact on wellbeing.

The 2018 Investment Statement explores how, and how well, the Crown balance sheet contributes to wellbeing. Applying a five dimension investment performance assessment framework, we appraise performance at a government agency, sector, and system level, to support decisions on future investment strategy and capital allocation.

It builds upon the Treasury’s 2014 Investment Statement which describes the performance of the Crown's major asset and liability classes, and discusses frameworks for good balance sheet management to underpin New Zealanders' living standards.

By producing the 2018 Investment Statement we aim to advance thinking about the link between effective government spending and wellbeing outcomes.

We are now consulting with subject matter experts and involving investment decision makers in the production of the 2018 Investment Statement.

On publication, we’ll be speaking widely about the future of balance sheet management to deepen public understanding, support practical application, and build on our findings.

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