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Note 27: Related Parties

Related parties of the Government include key management personnel, and their close family members. Key management personnel are Ministers of the Crown, and their close family members are their spouses, children and dependants. Transactions between these related parties and a Government entity are disclosed in these financial statements only if they have taken place within a Minister's portfolio and they are not transactions entered into in the same capacity as an ordinary citizen.

Tertiary Education Institutions, joint ventures and the Government Superannuation Fund are also related parties of the Government due to the Government's influence over these entities. Transactions between these entities and Government entities are separately disclosed where material.

There are no other related parties as no other parties control the Government, and no other parties are controlled by the Government, other than those that are consolidated into the Financial Statements of the Government.

The Government comprises a large number of commonly controlled entities. Transactions between these entities are eliminated in these financial statements and therefore not separately disclosed.

Transactions where the financial results may have been affected by the existence of a related party relationship are disclosed in the financial statements.

Related party relationships are a normal feature of commerce. Therefore, the Government will transact with related parties as a matter of course.

Given the breadth of Government activities these related parties transact with the government sector in the same capacity as ordinary citizens. Such transactions include the payment of taxes and user charges (such as purchase of electricity), and the receipt of entitlements and services (such as access to education). These transactions have not been separately disclosed in this note.

Other transactions with these related parties can include the employment of Ministers' spouses, children and dependants by a Government entity, including ministerial offices, departments, Crown entities and State-owned Enterprises, receipt of grants from, or the purchase or sale of goods and services to, a Government entity by Ministers, their spouses, children and dependants, or private-sector entities they own or jointly control. Such related party transactions will be disclosed if they have taken place within the Minister's portfolio or if they involve lending or guaranteeing Ministers.

Taking the above paragraphs into account, there are no related party transactions to be separately disclosed.

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