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Core Crown tax revenue was $5.2 billion more than last year and is higher than the Budget 2017 forecast by $1.0 billion (page 10).

Core Crown expenses were $2.4 billion higher than last year, but $1.1 billion less than Budget 2017 forecast (page 12).

The OBEGAL surplus of $4.1 billion, is $2.2 billion higher than last year, reflecting a 7.4% growth in core Crown tax revenue higher than a 3.3% increase in core Crown expenses (page 15).

The total Crown operating balance (excluding minority interests) was $12.3 billion, as a result of the OBEGAL surplus and total Crown net gains of $8.2 billion (page 16).

Net worth attributable to the Crown increased $21.2 billion due to the operating balance, combined with the uplifts on the Crown's property plant and equipment (page 20).

Core Crown net debt decreased in nominal terms by $2.4 billion, while also continuing to decrease as a percentage of GDP (to 22.2%) (page 17).

A residual cash surplus of $2.6 billion, up $3.9 billion from last year's residual cash deficit of $1.3 billion (page 17).

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