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Survey Results - Usage of Fiscal Reporting Products

Page updated 4 Jun 2013

In July 2012 the Treasury undertook a project to update its understanding of the needs of people that use our key fiscal publications, with a view to improving the relevance and usability of future reports.

As part of the project, Colmar Brunton was commissioned to survey a sample of 30 key users of our fiscal reporting products, including media, industry representatives, analysts, economists, political entities, financial organisations, academia and international organisations. 

The feedback was focussed on the fiscal content of Treasury’s monthly and annual Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand (FSGNZ), and Economic and Fiscal Updates (EFUs).  Further details of the scope of the survey and the feedback we received are included in the attached report. 

The survey results emphasised the diverse needs of users and while we have addressed some feedback points already, others will require more time to consider and implement.


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