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Frequently Asked Questions

The Treasury has prepared responses to frequently asked questions on the Treasury web site and the Treasury's role and activities.

Is there any unclaimed money owing to me?

The Treasury holds only certain types of unclaimed money. Read the Treasury's Unclaimed Money information for details of the types of unclaimed money held by the Treasury and how to go about claiming unclaimed money.

May 26, 2017

What is the difference between the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Treasury?

The Treasury is a Government department and provides economic and financial advice to the Government. The Reserve Bank is New Zealand's central bank and is not a Government department. The Reserve Bank's purpose is to maintain the stability and security of the financial system by, for example, operating monetary policy so as to achieve and maintain price stability.

See About Us - Reserve Bank of New Zealand and About Treasury for more information.

Nov 20, 2007

Where are the Crown accounts?

The correct name for the 'Crown accounts' or 'Crown financial statements' is 'Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand'.  They can be accessed through the Government Finances menu then Financial Statements.  See Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand.

Nov 20, 2007