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Best Practice Regulation

Page updated 3 Mar 2015

The Best Practice Regulation model was developed by the Treasury with a view to providing a "common language" across regulatory regimes and so to enable better debate about our regulatory systems, helping Government and industry to work together in assessing the performance of New Zealand's regulation.

The principles in the model are a distillation of international and New Zealand experience to help assess the regulatory state of play, and to inform targeted reviews. Using these principles to undertake assessments of regulatory regimes allows us to develop a shared understanding of the attributes of good quality regulation.

An assessment of regulatory regimes against the principles was conducted in 2011 and updated with further information in 2012. This assessment identified areas where further analysis may be warranted, and highlighted work that is underway.

The Treasury has now conducted another assessment, in cooperation with Departments with lead policy responsibility, to update the findings in the first report.

We will continue to grow our understanding of regulatory best practice through the evolution of the principles, the cycle of assessments, and resulting cross-agency and public discussion. We are also carefully considering the Productivity Commission’s report on the design and implementation of regulatory regimes with a view to improving the value of any future assessments.


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