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New Zealand Economic and Financial Overview 2015

Performance of Government Enterprises

The following tables show the Government's financial interest in SOEs and Crown Entities.

Mixed Ownership Companies

In addition to the core Crown's direct investment in the mixed ownership companies (Air New Zealand, Genesis Energy, Meridian Energy and Mighty River Power) a number of Crown Financial Institutions have invested in the company as part of their normal investment activities. These investments have the effect of reducing the overall minority interest.

Table 25 - Mixed Ownership Companies
Company % minority interest
before CFI investment  
% minority interest
after CFI investment  
Air New Zealand 47.58% 44.78%
Genesis Energy 47.61% 45.05%
Meridian Energy 48.96% 43.83%
Mighty River Power 47.36% 44.44%

Balance Dates

Except for those entities listed below, all SOEs and significant Crown Entities have a balance date of 30 June, and the information reported in these tables is for the period ended 30 June 2014.

Table 26 - Performance of Government Enterprises
  Balance date Information reported to

State-Owned Enterprises

Asure New Zealand Limited 30 September 30 June 2014

Crown Entities

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 31 December 30 June 2014

School boards of trustees

31 December

31 December 2013

Tertiary education institutions 31 December 30 June 2014
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