Invercargill Airport Ltd

Invercargill Airport Limited (IAL) operates the Invercargill Airport facility, servicing the Southland and Fiordland regions.

IAL is a council controlled trading organisation in which the Crown has a 2.82% shareholding. The remaining 97% is owned by Invercargill City Holdings Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of the Invercargill City Council.

See the Corporised Airports page of the Annual Portolio Report 2012 for financial performance information, and the SCI/SOI and Annual Report in the documents section below to see Key Performance Indicator (KPIs), including non-financial KPIs.

Key Documents

26 Jan 2012Letter from the Minister for State Owned Enterprises: 2012/13 Shareholder Expectations of State Owned Enterprises: ia-le-12.pdf (155 KB)
11 Jan 2012 Annual Report 2010/11: ia-ar-10-11.pdf (1207 KB)
11 Jan 2012 Statement of Corporate Intent 2011: ia-si-11.pdf (345 KB)
20 Nov 2010Annual Report 2009/10: ia-ar-09-10.pdf (11282 KB)
20 Nov 2010Statement of Corporate Intent 2010: ia-sci-10.pdf (50 KB)