Government Superannuation Fund Authority

The Government Superannuation Fund Authority is an autonomous Crown entity that manages and administers the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) and the GSF Schemes.

See the Government Superannuation Fund Authority page of the Annual Portolio Report 2012 for financial performance information, and the SCI/SOI and Annual Report in the documents section below to see Key Performance Indicator (KPIs), including non-financial KPIs.

Key Documents

5 Mar 2015Letter of Expectation 2015/16 from the Shareholding Minister: gsfa-le-15.pdf (134 KB)
12 Mar 2014Letter of Expectation 2014/15 from the Shareholding Minister: gsfa-le-14.pdf (713 KB)
6 Mar 2012Letter of Expectation 2012/13 from the Minister of Finance: gsfa-le-12.pdf (93 KB)
11 Jan 2012 Annual Report 2010/11: gsfa-ar-10-11.pdf (2258 KB)
Jun 2011 Review of the Government Superannuation Fund Authority: Report to the Minister of Finance by JANA Investment Advisers Pty Ltd (The Treasury website)
16 Feb 2011 Letter of Expectation 2011/12 from the Minister of Finance: gsfa-le-11-12.pdf (63 KB)
20 Nov 2010Annual Report 2009/10 (Government Superannuation Fund Authority website)
20 Nov 2010Statement of Corporate Intent 2010: gsfa-sci-10.pdf (681 KB)