About This Site

Page updated 20 Nov 2010

The web site has been comprehensively re-designed to allow the Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit (COMU) to comply with New Zealand Web Standards and Recommendations (E-government website) for public sector web sites, in particular to allow disabled and low-bandwidth users ease of access. The re-design has also provided an opportunity to improve the site’s general technical effectiveness, content and design for all users.

COMU recognises its internet presence is an increasingly important 'window into the COMU world' for both our key stakeholders and the general public. The re-designed site aims to provide better accessibility and usability for all visitors, with an emphasis on improved navigation and clear and concise language and design.

More Up-to-date Design & More User-friendly Content

The content of the website has been audited, reviewed and updated and, where necessary, re-drafted. This remains an on-going focus for improvement. Language has been simplified where possible, particularly at 'discovery level' (i.e. home pages and underlying introductory pages) and the design of the website better reflects COMU’s current corporate image and branding.

Improved Navigation Structure

Navigation has been improved and simplified, to provide easier and more varied means of access to information for audiences with varying levels of interest and specialisation.

New RSS Feed

This gives regular or specialist website visitors the ability to subscribe to COMU's RSS feed.

Website Manager

For technical and accessibility queries relating to the COMU website

Gavin Hamilton | Team Leader, Websites and Intranet, Knowledge Infrastructure Services
Tel: +64 4 917 6112
Email: webmaster@treasury.govt.nz