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Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update 2017

Charges against Future Budgets

This section provides transparency around amounts that are available in future Budget allowances to help mitigate risks noted in the Statement of Specific Fiscal Risks.

As noted, future government decisions and other circumstances are only a risk to the fiscal forecasts if they cannot be managed within existing baselines or future Budget allowances. In the Fiscal Strategy Report 2017 the Government set operating allowances for Budget 2018 of $1.7 billion, growing at 2% each Budget until Budget 2020. An allowance for Budget 2018 of $2.0 billion was set for capital, growing to $2.5 billion for Budget 2019 and Budget 2020.

The table below outlines decisions taken by the Government since Budget 2017 that have been charged against future Budget allowances. The decisions below have been incorporated into the fiscal forecasts and result in a corresponding reduction in funding available from future Budget capital allowances.

Charges against future capital allowances:
$millions Budget 2018 Budget 2019 Budget 2020
City Rail Link 427 427 427
Crown Infrastructure Partners 300 300 -
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