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Pre-election Economic & Fiscal Update 2011

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  • Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Update 2011
  • Published: 25 Oct 2011
  • Status: Current
  • Author: The Treasury

Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update 2011

Published 25 Oct 2011
Page updated 9 Feb 2012

Previous forecasts are available from the Archive of Economic and Fiscal Updates.

The Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update 2011 is available in Adobe PDF and HTML formats. The PREFU charts and data (chapters 1 to 3 only) are available in MS Excel format. Using Excel Files. Contact Information Services if you have a query about available formats.

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Statement of Responsibility

Executive Summary

prefu11-pt1of10.pdf (51 KB) pp. (2),ii,1-6

Economic Outlook

prefu11-pt2of10.pdf (101 KB) pp. 7-20

Fiscal Outlook

prefu11-pt3of10.pdf 175 KB) pp. 21-46

Risks and Scenarios

prefu11-pt4of10.pdf (83 KB) pp. 57-74

Specific Fiscal Risks

prefu11-pt5of10.pdf (58 KB) pp. 49-56

Forecast Financial Statements

prefu11-pt6of10.pdf (155 KB) pp. 75-106

Core Crown Expense Tables

prefu11-pt7of10.pdf (43 KB) pp. 107-112

Glossary of Terms

prefu11-pt8of10.pdf (32 KB) pp. 113-116

Time Series of Fiscal and Economic Indicators

prefu11-pt9of10.pdf (35 KB) pp. 117-118

Additional Information

prefu11-pt10of10.pdf (218 KB) pp. 1-48

Charts and Data - Chapters 1 to 3

  • Tables, Figures and their data from the Economic and Tax Outlook, Fiscal Outlook and Risks and Scenarios chapters of PREFU 2011
prefu11-data-ch1-3.xls (1,070 KB)
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