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Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Update 2008

4 Specific Fiscal Risks (continued)

Time-limited Funding

Time-limited funding does not meet the definition of a “risk” under the PFA, but is further information that is prepared to increase transparency about initiatives with funding profiles that cease or decrease during the forecast period.

The following table outlines those areas where initiatives have time-limited funding that decreases or ceases at some point in the forecast period and may potentially be extended, using a $5 million materiality threshold. Time-limited funding often relates to pilot programmes, and in some cases Multi-year Appropriations (MYAs) if they are likely to require further funding in the future.

Time-limited Funding

Description of initiative Impact of continuing funding
Biosecurity Southern Saltmarsh Mosquito Eradication Programme 7.000 in 2008/09, 9.000 in 2009/10 and 11.000 in 2010/11 and outyears
Child, Youth and Family Services Demand-driven pressures on care
and protection Services
6.800 in 2008/09 and outyears
Energy Funding to generate reserve electricity at Whirinaki 10.000 ongoing from 2012/13
Health Meningococcal Vaccine – Ongoing Delivery 7.000 ongoing from 2009/10
Health Healthy Housing Programme 15.000 ongoing from 2010/11
Transport Canterbury Transport Project 14.000 in 2012/13 and outyears

The following table shows the operating impact if funding were to be appropriated to maintain funding levels for these initiatives (ie, extend the initiatives beyond their current scheduled completion dates). These amounts would need to be managed within the forecast spending.

Operating Impact
Impact ($million) 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 and
Funding to extend operating initiatives (impact on operating balance) 13.800 22.800 39.800 39.800 63.800
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