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Additional Information

The following information forms part of the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update 2007 (HYEFU), released by the Treasury on 18 December 2007. This information provides users of the HYEFU with further detail and should be read in conjunction with the published document. The information contains:

  • Detailed economic forecast information – these tables provide some more detailed breakdowns of the economic forecasts
  • Additional fiscal indicators – estimates of the cyclically-adjusted balance and fiscal impulse
  • Tax tables – detailed tax revenue and receipts tables comparing Treasury’s forecasts with IRD’s forecasts
  • Contingent liabilities and contingent assets – write-ups of the nature of each item in the tables outlined in the HYEFU Specific Fiscal Risks chapter
  • Crown accounting policies – outline of the specific Crown accounting policies and forecast assumptions. The published GAAP tables only provide a summary.


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