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Budget 2005 Home Page Half-Year Economic & Fiscal Update 2005

Risks removed since the Pre-election Update

The following risks have been removed since the Pre-election Update.

Expired Risks Reason Funding Received
ACC – Public Health Acute In forecasts 21 in 2005/06, 25 in 2006/07, 29 in 2007/08, 33 in 2008/09 and 38 per annum thereafter
Crown Risk – Pay and Employment Equity Plan of Action Not currently under active consideration.  Individual claims will be considered as they arise -
Culture and Heritage – Rugby World Cup 2011 In forecasts -
Education – Tertiary Savings Scheme Not currently under active consideration -
Environment – Hazardous Substances & New Organisms Not currently under active consideration -
Finance – Meridian Energy Incorporated in SOE long term hold reviews risk -
Immigration – Immigration Policy In forecasts -
Lands and Agriculture & Forestry – Implementation of Walking Access Strategy In forecasts 2 per annum
Revenue – KiwiSaver Expired -
Social Development – Information Technology Systems Expired -
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